Legal Services

We offer numerous customized legal documents for clients who are representing themselves or need assistance drafting legal forms.  We provide real estate, business, family, estate, and financial drafts for you.

Real Estate

Residential and commercial lease, rental, and tenancy forms.  Required provisions before leasing and subleasing, notices for landlords and tenants.  Real estate transactions and transfers.  Equipment and property rentals. Lease ammendments and assignments. Receive your personalized real estate document, form, or contract within hours!


Protecting Your Business, Service Forms, Music/Entertainment Forms, Buying or Selling Businesses, Incorporation, Employment & Human Resource (HR) Forms, Limited Liability Company (LLC) Forms, Shareholder Forms, Partner and Joint Venture Forms, Director Forms, Confidentiality and Intellectual Property Forms, Operating Agreements, Bylaws, Partnership Agreements, etc.  Receive your personalized business document, form, or contract within hours!


Prenuptial Agreements, Separation Agreements, Marriage and Separation Forms, Cohabitation and Common Law, Child Consent Letters, Power of Attorney, etc. Receive your personalized family document, form, or contract within hours!


Last Will and Testament, Power of Attorney, Living Will, Medical Power of Attorney, Revocation of Power of Attorney, Healthcare Directive, Just-In-Case Instructions, End-of_Life Plan, Revocable Living Trust, Gift Deed, Pour-Over Will, etc.  Receive your personalized estate document, form, or contract within hours!


Bill of Sale, Loan Agreement, Release/Waiver Agreement, Lien Release, Promissory Note, Shareholder Loan Agreement, Financial Statement, Personal/Corporate Guarantee, Indemnity Agreement, Demand Letter, Letter of Intent, Complaint Letter, Purchase Order, Purchase Agreement, etc.  Receive your personalized financial document, form, or contract within hours!

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